Professor Yuri Verkhoshansky has passed away.

June 26, 2010
Former Soviet Sport Scientist Yuri Verkhoshansky has died. He was a
pioneer in exercise science & developed what is commonly known as &
more frequently misunderstood & mis-labled as Plyometrics, or shock
training as he called it.

Professor Verkhoshansky’s knowledge & research are one of the primary
reasons that allowed the Soviet Sport Machine to dominate
international competition in a plethora of sports from the late 60s
through the 70s & into the 80s.

It’s a true shame that American athletes & coaches even today still do
not approach training the body with the intellectualism that Yuri did
40 years ago.

Prayers for his family, & may ‘The Father of Plyometrics’ rest in peace.


Middle of nowhere!

June 20, 2010

I need help from my followers, movie buffs, & classic cinema lovers.

June 17, 2010
I’m looking for the following movies on DVD, and have yet to be able to find them. They’re all starring Humphrey Bogart.
They are: “The Petrified Forest,” “To Have and Have Not,” “The Big Sleep,” “High Sierra,” “Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” “Passage to Marseille'” and most importantly….. The best movie I do not own…. “Key Largo!”

If anyone comes across these, my 1st child’s eternal servitude will be yours!

Not the biggest Leno fan, but he made the best point I’ve seen on Obama & the spill.

June 16, 2010
“President Obama announced tonight that he wants to use the oil spill to move America toward green energy. I have a crazy idea. Maybe he should use the oil spill crisis to fix the oil spill.” – Jay Leno

One Day!

June 14, 2010

This is a bucket lister.

I’ve never respected anyone as much as I have Coach Wooden.

June 5, 2010

It’s not sad that Coach Wooden has passed on. It’s sad that there will never be another man that was able to positively affect so many as a result of his immeasurable character, fortitude, resolve, loyalty, enthusiasm, humility, poise, & above all, his unwavering faith.

Growing up the son of a basketball coach, I have no memory of learning who Coach Wooden was. He was just always… Coach Wooden. His book, “They Call Me Coach” affected me deeply & personally as only a handful of books have been able to do.
His character & resolve to strive for success the right way still impresses to no end. His faith impressed me. His life of simplicity & moderation has been a lesson to me. His love & devotion to his beloved Nell, who he wrote a love letter to every birthday for over 20 years after her death, floors me. The fact that he is the greatest coach in the history of sport, unrivaled & yet that much BETTER & stronger of a person is an example of a life that defines the word inspiration.
I could write for hours about my admiration of this man I was never fortunate enough to meet, but I’ll simply leave you with his most precious legacy, The Pyramid of Success. There are shelves of books on self-help & success in book stores & libraries, I’ve read hundreds of them. The best one’s merely summarize the lessons that can be learned by studying the brilliantly woven tapestry that is The Pyramid.

Of special note, it’s never been copyrighted. Coach Wooden wanted it to be copied & distributed by any means necessary so long as it was beneficial to people, asking merely to ensure that it was free. He didn’t want legal ramifications & red tape preventing the Pyramid from helping anyone, despite the possibility of certain, significant financial gain. Out of the respect that he demanded & admiration he gained, to my knowledge it’s never been sold & always been distributed freely.

Goodbye Coach Wooden, because of you I will forever strive to “Be quick without hurrying.”

Todd Wilson

Coach Wooden

June 5, 2010

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